Read the COVID-19 Response Open Call Announcement 2021

Welcome to the COVID-19 Response Open Call 2021 for Healthcare Robotics!

The COVID-19 Response call is meant to accelerate the embedding of robotic applications in healthcare-related settings and to enable the smooth deployment of new, effective robotic-based solutions. By funding up to 8 projects with a max. amount of €250.000 per COVID-19 Response project, the DIH-HERO network is aimed to stimulate technology pull from the healthcare-related settings by removing barriers and developing a clinical connection at earlier development stages boosting fast, high quality, impactful large-scale deployment of robots (TRL7-8) in clinical settings all over Europe, satisfying a current clinical demand or need. The COVID-19 special actions are focused on broad Covid-19 solutions and robotic applications related to the current situation including COVID-19 response, recovery and support in daily challenges that are still existing due to the pandemic as well as post COVID-19 challenges. In addition, specialised and individual deployment support will be provided by the DIH-HERO partners to the awarded parties.

For the current call, it is possible to make use of the pre-submission check. Within this check the DIH-HERO Team will check if the necessary declarations per partner have been signed and if all documents necessary for the application are complete and have been uploaded correctly. Please note the pre-submission feedback is for your information only and is not legally binding. Furthermore, it does not replace the formal eligibility check. The eligibility review of all proposals will take place after the closure of the call. If you would like to take advantage of the additional pre-submission check you can use the application form to submit your proposal before the deadline. The feedback will be usually given within 2 working days and you will get the chance to edit your proposal submission in the portal until the closure of the call.

Call deadline:

The call deadline is February 15th, 2022 23:59 CET