Gable systems b.v.

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Gable and Machine learning

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9 months

Gable systems b.v.


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Evertop sp. z o. o.


Gable-Systems is a Spin-off company of the University of Twente, Enschede the Netherlands. Withsupport ofthe University of Twente and two large clinicalcenters (Roessingh Research and Development and Sint Maartenskliniek Nijmegen) an innovative Gait andBalance training robot, the Gable CORE is beingdeveloped.With the combination of innovative technologies and close clinical collaboration,the Gable COREwillhave a great impact on the cost and quality of gait and balance therapy,i.e. for stroke survivors. The production model is planned for CE marking in 2020 and commercially available in the beginning of 2021.The DIH-Hero network and Technology Demonstrator call provide a great opportunity to obtain support for an essential part of the robot’sdevelopment. More specific, aninnovative “machine learning solution”is proposedtosavevaluabletherapy time.Commercialfeasibilityis high, the robot is currently brought toTRL6 with an initial 1.3 million € of investments. The business plan includes upcoming funding, sales and marketing plans. In addition, afeasibility check of the machine learning solution, concludes arealisticimplementation into theproduction model. With aclear and sound TD project planand support ofthe highly capable software developing company, Evertop, the chances ofsuccess are increased even more.The implementation of the developed technology is evaluated by an already ongoing European grantproject in which there is a substantial budget and clinical expertise reserved for the evaluation of the Gable CORE. Effective managing of both projects enables the evaluation of the machine learning solution with support oftheend-user, Roessingh Research and Development.The value of machine learning is acknowledgedin many fields of expertise and will bring advances in rehabilitation technology as well. With thisdemonstrator project, knowledge of machine learning will be added to theservice catalogue of DIH-Hero.Moreover, with the completion of a demonstrator version, Gable systems is one step further in the commercialization of the Gable COREwhich will result in asignificantimpact on patients, therapists and researchers. With the annually increasing numberof patientsin need of gait and balance rehabilitation and the increasing cost of skilled personnel it is inevitable that healthcare cost will rise. Automation of the therapy process is a viable solution to help reduce thesecosts. Anothereconomic impact is pronouncedwiththe creation of jobs as the spin-off company Gable systems matures.The social impact and compelling nature of this robot will gain large amounts of media awareness in which robotics in healthcare will be the center of attention.

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