Project Key Data

Full title of the project:

Short name of the project:

Date of the award:
August 2022

Project duration:
9 months

Lead Company:
TonusTech (United Kingdom)

Project Partner(s):

Strong4Life ApS (Denmark)


TONUS is determined to revolutionize the role of robotics in the human injury recovery and prevention process by presenting the “ToneUP”, a textile-based sensing suit with the purpose of enhancing life quality by assisting in the rehabilitation process through the collection of joint and muscle activity. The MOTION project will allow the user and therapist obtain and monitor relevant information about muscles performance that will lead to the correct treatment of lower- body injuries.
In order to fulfill its vision, the ToneUP design includes the following disrupting features: The TONUS sensing system will provide precise real-time motion metrics of the user´s movements (Digital Twin), with the potential to add and adapt sensing equipment due to its intelligent platform property (High-bandwidth intelligent platform). In addition, the user will enjoy a comfortable and easy-to-use garment thanks to its smart textile components and experience a personalized treatment through its embedded machine learning.
The proposed Technical Demonstrator will explore and test its innovative features in a real-life environment. TONUS in collaboration with Strong4Life, a recognized fitness center in Denmark, will provide the best-case scenario for the equipment testing. The test sessions will focus on the correct collection of the user’s muscle data while performing the given exercises. In addition, instructions regarding the usage of equipment and the interpretation of the data will be given to both, the patient, and the therapist/fitness instructor.
TONUS will be rapidly creating synergies throughout its technology evolution, specifically in the robotics, textile, healthcare, and fitness industries. These alliances are essential to the development and strengthening of the product, to successfully expand the applications of wearable robotics into the sports and healthcare sectors. Providing the user with the best possible experience to guarantee both their safety and performance.