The goal of the Microsystems Laboratory is to develop integrated sensors and sensor systems, MEMS and BioMEMS devices fabricated by silicon or polymer micromachining and nanotechnology solutions. The activity covers the research of novel sensing principles, technology solutions and functional materials systems. The application of micromachining technology enables the miniaturisation of analytical systems and integration of various functions of sample preparation, sensing, readout, actuation or communication, respectively. The laboratory is focusing on the development of mechanical, physical, chemical (and biochemical) sensors, functional micro- and nanofluidic devices, implantable microsystems and infrared LED. This is a unique infrastructure in Hungary, can support the micro- and nanotechnology based system technology applicable for fabrication complex, purpose-designed microsystems, nanocircuits, as well as Lab-on-a-Chip devices. The high-tech microtechnology related fabrication and characterisation systems work in a class 10 cleanroom facility. The laboratory is dedicated for 3D processing of 3” and 4” Si / glass / polymer substrates with maximal resolution of 1µm, together with lithographic mask manufacturing. Electron beam lithography and focused ion beam (FIB) milling are also available with resolution of 20nm.