We create innovative solutions for human-robot interaction. Our focus is on audience interaction and robots that are able to interact with more than one person. We design and customize robot hosts, presenters, tutors, receptionists, quizmasters, and entertainers for e.g. events, conferences, public and professional presentations, seminars, and any other type of event.

We offer special robots as teaching assistants in the classroom for primary and higher education. Our solution for the classroom provides pupils with a perfect opportunity to learn from robots as tutors about any subject, learn about robots and what they can do, learn how to interact with robotics technology, and learn how program robots. Pupils thus not only get a better understanding of robotics technology but also learn how to interact and familiarize themselves with the advanced technology that is rapidly becoming available in our societies.

We design and develop new interactive robotics software and technology that facilitates human interaction with advanced robotics technology. Our robot interaction control framework delivers interactive robot solutions as an online service.