ROBHOT aims at demonstrating that the introduction of a robot in superficial hyperthermia procedures can dramatically improve the accuracy of tumour targeting during the whole 60 minutes duration of each single treatment and reduce the setup time. The TD will feature a cooperative manipulator arm holding the radiative microstrip applicator of the superficial hyperthermia system ALBA ON4000. Based on pre-operative images, a planner will determine the optimal pose for the antenna on the surface of the patient’s body. In the intra-operative phase, after a registration procedure, the robot will move the antenna to the planned pose and will keep it in place during the treatment possibly compensating for small patient’s motion.
According to literature in the field, accuracy and timely delivery of treatments are key factors to fully exploit the potential of hyperthermia in increasing the efficacy of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in cancer treatments.

Declaration of impact

Enhancing minimally invasive treatment for tumour surgery, enlarging the number of patients suitable for this kind of operation.