• To report the activities and costs for your Dissemination Voucher project within the DIH-HERO the following information and documents are required:
    1. Please provide the description of the robotic innovation (incl. General description in about half a page; 1 or more clear pictures; URL to website having more information; Current development status; Type of robot; Healthcare use case(s); First year of development; Approvals obtained; Other domains of operation if applicable) directly in the form.
    2. Dissemination Voucher Report (please use the reporting template to report the activities performed, the results achieved as well as the (projected) impact).
    3. Please upload an overview of the financial resources spent (Use a copy of the original budget and insert an extra column to indicate the actual financial resources spent during the project period and at a justification in the form).
    4. Please upload the two versions of the dissemination video produced and the subtitle file.
    5. Please upload the storyboard that has been created.
    6. Please upload dissemination material that has been created.
    7. Please provide further company details for the reimbursement of costs directly in the form.