intelligent motion Gmbh

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Full title of the project:
Innovative and smart back pain therapy robot therob

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Project duration:
15 months

Lead Company:
intelligent motion Gmbh (Austria)

Project Partner(s):

Thinktec GmbH (Germany)


“Currently, about 18,1 million new rehabilitation cases occur each year in the European Union, which causes high amounts of costs (about 300 billion Euro). Neurologic rehabilitation is a major challenge. In addition, effective therapies for back pain patients are highly needed. Pain causes 500 million sick days per year across the EU at a cost of more than € 34 billion. The implementation of individualized therapy programs is of central importance and is particularly needed in the area of pain therapy. Innovative technologies allow the use of personalized therapies and result in an earlier return of the patient to everyday life and work.

The robot-based devices by intelligent motion are significantly different to other existing therapy approaches. They focus on the active movement by the patients during treatment phases and motivate the patient to move on its own. These active movements induce a high activity within the brain and back-bone followed by a faster neurological and pain regeneration process.

The ambition and main focus of this project is the development of the therapy robot therob. therob is a conceptual completely new, digitally connected and individualized product of the company intelligent motion (IM). It is based on new and innovative movement as well as 3D-printing technologies (of the company alphacam) combined with a digital movement design imitating specific therapy movements.

This new product therob will therefore combine and transfer knowledge and innovative technologies from inside and outside the healthcare robotics value chain for the development, design and successful application of innovative healthcare robotics.

The rob4therapy experiment will focus on innovations and applications in the field of pain therapy, rehabilitation and prevention (“active ageing”). The automation of therapies enables a much faster and more efficient as well as more economic treatment of patients. Therapy and rehabilitation robots support the daily treatment of patients and contribute to patients returning to their accustomed way of life.

The main goals of this TTE project are:

– to overcome existing implementation barriers as well as to broaden the target markets and to serve the needs of specific user groups

– to develop a final prototype of the therob – a smart, customizable and conceptual new therapy robot, based on the latest robotic technologies and specific therapy movements

– to use on-demand 3D-printing technologies and production processes for cladding and seat design, including ergonomics

– to follow a holistic approach: In addition (out of project budget!) therob will be integrated into a digital environment including big data / smart data, digital platforms, virtual reality and smart therapy monitoring system.

There are currently no comparable therapy approaches where robot-based therapies enable individualized treatment.”