Project dates

Full title of the project:
Robotic Ultrasound

Short name of the project:
Robotic Ultrasound

Date of the award:

Project duration:
12 months

Lead Company:

Project Partner(s):

Norik sistemi d.o.o. (Slovenia)


“The main idea for this TEE project is to construct the physical machine that can be used to test the functionalities of ROPCA on patients in hospitals. The ROPCA system can use ultrasound of both hands and wrists, detect signs of early rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and monitor disease activity in patients with established RA. Further, the system can diagnose and monitor the more prevalent disease hand osteoarthritis, thereby also giving an explanation for the hand pain in patients with no signs of RA. Currently, these tasks are solved by doctors specializing in rheumatology Health care is under pressure, more and more are being referred to hospitals. The target group is hospitals that will be able to provide rapid RA diagnostics and monitoring, more patients through the department, reduce waiting lists and reduce expenses. At the same time deliver high-quality monitoring of the RA patient, who can choose the time of checking themself and does not have to take time off work.

This DIH-HERO proposal is a collaboration between a Danish robotics company and Slovenian companies of software development NORIK and production of parts ELVEZ.

ROPCA –Responsible for robotic motion and clinical application.
NORIK – Responsible for the software application for main program flow and integration with hospital infrastructure
ELVEZ – Responsible for the production of the robotic platform”