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15 months


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FEMTIKA (Lithuania)


“Biopsy procedure, diagnosis and subsequent treatment is limited by the existing tools. Current state-of-the-art solutions are inadequate to obtain required tissue, carry unnecessary risks and inhibit the development of diagnosis at the cellular level. To optimise the procedure, minimise complications and facilitate the development of micro-biopsies and micro-robotics, technology transfer is required.

Femtika’s additive and subtractive micro-fabrication technique at micro and nano-scale will enable the development of a new set of micro-biopsy tools. Flexibility, speed and precision will permit the creation of complex, patient-specific 3D micro-tools, expanding conventional surgical equipment capabilities and enabling the development and utilization of conceptualised micro-tools, such as Robeautés’.

The project aims to validate the use of this 3D micro-fabrication technique in the medical field by developing the first prototype micro-biopsy tool that will be tested in brain-like environments. By achieving clinical relevance and establishing deeper connections with DIH-HERO consortium members, the project will transfer the technology that will contribute significantly to the advancement of healthcare robotics, pave the way for patient-specific micro-biopsies and related therapies, and have positive spill-over effects into other medical areas or non-medical micro-robotics.”