DIH-HERO aims to create a sustainable network for all stakeholders in healthcare robotics through an easy, safe, and effective digital infrastructure organised as a set of catalogues. These digital directories will be a point of reference featuring SMEs, universities, academics, end-users, suppliers and other stakeholders working or interested in the field, as well as a platform to initiate new connections, promote collaborations, and help users navigate the healthcare robotics landscape. For any questions and queries please contact the catalogue administrators.

Person Catalogue

A directory featuring the profiles of individuals active and/or interested in healthcare robotics (from students to academics, and CEOs). The information is submitted by individual users for optional display on our portal according to the GDPR terms. Register as a general user.

Organisation Catalogue

A directory featuring the profiles of organisations active and/or interested in healthcare robotics. Each organisation must first register a key contact, a representative responsible for keeping the organisation’s profile up to date. Register as key contact and add your organisation.