Project Key Data

Full title of the project:
ADAMO Robot Informative Video For Healthcare professionals

Lead Company:
Adamo Robot



Given our recent development and expansion, partly as a result of the funding we previously received from you for our BREATHE project, we would like to reap the benefits of this Dissemination Voucher Open Call in order to produce a professional video that would explain our robotic technology in greater detail. In doing this, it would also describe the benefits that Adamo can bring to both the patient, the hospital (or health centre) and the healthcare professional. Therefore, the video would act as a great incentive for healthcare professionals and institutions to incorporate our robot into their treatments and further encourage the deployment of robotics into the world of healthcare.

In addition to this, we would like to have some new professional photos taken of our team that can be put into our new brochure. This is in order to create a more appealing and well-rounded brochure that would be sent to a number of different healthcare institutions to further increase our exposure.