DIH-HERO would like to congratulate the parties (and they project partners) who awarded the  COVID-19 Response and Deployment Call 2021.

During the next months the awarded third parties will deploy their new robotic-based solutions in healthcare-related settings. The deployment for each project will take place and will be supported by 4 clinical partners who are located in 4 different countries.

We are very much looking forward to the various deployment trajectories coming up, which contribute to removing barriers and developing a clinical connection at earlier development stages boosting fast, high quality, impactful large-scale deployment of robots in clinical settings all over Europe

During the course of each project dedicated deployment support will be provided by the DIH-HERO partners to the awarded parties in order to support them to make each deployment in the project a success.

The COVID-19 special actions are focused on broad Covid-19 solutions and robotic applications related to the current situation including COVID-19 response, recovery and support in daily challenges that are still existing due to the pandemic as well as post COVID-19 challenges. 

The awarded third parties are:


ConnectedCare Services

Corporate Health International

Cyber Surgery

Heemskerk Innovative Technology

KOMPAI robotics



*Please note that this list has not been finalized yet and might be updated after contract signing.