I am an independent robotics consultant and have worked in Robotics for 30 years. I was an academic for 10 years and have extensive experience of working in both large and small companies and with related public sector organisations. I contributed extensively to the strategic agenda for robotics in Europe and in the UK, including leading the robotics private side input to the Horizon 2020 work programme. Since 2018 I have been an Executive Director at the European Robotics Association (euRobotics) with responsibility for partnerships and the strategic agenda. Through the RODIN CSA and the DIH-HERO and DIH2 projects I am currently involved in the setting up of robotics Digital Innovation Hub networks across Europe. Between 2019 and 2021 I led the robotics side for the formation of the new AI, Data and Robotics European co-programmed Partnership and was a member of its Strategic Agenda Core-Editorial team. In the UK I am a member of the Robotics Growth Partnership in BEIS and am currently leading the update of the UK robotics strategy.