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Autonomous robot Lio reduces human-to-human disease transmission by disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, assisting healthcare professionals with transporting material to patient’s rooms and interacting with inhabitants by providing daily routine and motivation.

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Autonomous Sanitiser and Assistant Lio

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8 weeks

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The autonomous robot Lio of F&P Robotics is currently deployed in several healthcare institutions across Germany and Switzerland. The robot is operating autonomously and opens doors, serves drinks, gathers lab samples from different wards, distributes mail and activates the patients with various entertainment and sport activities. These innovative applications, which were developed in close collaboration with the institutions, reduce the workload of healthcare staff members and improve the social life of the inhabitants as Lio has become a friend and helper.
F&P engaged with all customers personally and asked about their additional requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic. The two functions set as a priority are disinfecting predefined surfaces and objects such as door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, light switches etc. and transporting items into patients rooms to reduce direct exposure. The disinfection routine is mandatory and is overseen by the local health authorities. As of April 2020, F&P has developed prototypes of COVID-19 related functions and is ready to deploy them at elderly care homes in May.
The four existing installations of Lio, placed in four different healthcare institutions, decrease the deployment time of the COVID-19 functions drastically because basic technical installation, data protection documentation and introduction of the system to residents and employees are not required again. Additionally, F&P can get access to the institutions, which is not guaranteed for new installations, especially within elderly care homes that have a complete stop of visitors. Caritas Constance, an elderly care home in southern Germany, will be the place of deployment for this project.
With these additional functions of Lio requested by elderly care homes, we are convinced that Lio helps avoid unnecessary virus transmissions, improves the quality of life of health professionals and residents and decreases the general workload.

Major project results and impact created by the seamless transition between the social and disinfection robots:

  • UVC disinfection of frequently touched surfaces (door handles)

The Lio robot on Youtube: