autonomyo Sarl

Project Key Data

Full title of the project:
autonomyo video presentation with testimonial of a home rehabiliation solution based on wearable exoskeleton

Lead Company:
autonomyo Sarl



The current project aims at disseminating and raising awareness of a large audience to the work of autonomyo, a swiss startup with a cutting-edge robotic rehabilitation platform. The project is a short 5min movie showcasing autonomyo’s robotic solution and its perception by neurological patients. 

autonomyo is on a mission to provide unlimited access to rehabilitation for people with neurological conditions by providing the first combination of wearable exoskeleton and therapeutic exercises for home use.

It will sensitize people to the growing issue of long term disability induced by neurological conditions which prevalence is booming with the ageing of the population. And it will particularly showcase the effects of a robotic platform that is made for use at home, in small physiotherapy facilities and in bigger rehabilitation clinics.

We want to showcase how rehabilitation can make a big impact in the rehabilitation sector while patients can enjoy its use in any setting.