RealiZe S. Coop.

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Early Diagnosis of Fragility on Ancient Population

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9 months

RealiZe S. Coop.


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L’institut Hélio Marin du Dr Peyret SSR – “Les Embruns”


RealiZe S. Coop. is a small Spanish cooperative aiming to embed robotic technology into the health-rehabilitation sector. To make this true, we are working on TD project FAP (Early Diagnosis of Fragility on Ancient Population) to develop a universal kit of embedded hardware and visualization software to measure the interaction of patients with wearable exoskeletons in daily-life situations (walking, sitting down, getting up, etc.) and collect parameters and data that combined will lead to design an automated “Fragility Measurement Scale”.

To maintain high quality of life standards in an increasingly aging society, early detection of fragility is key. However, main obstacle to massive fragility early detection is the absence of an easy-to-use and universal tool capable of detecting and assessing fragility.

Thus, the main benefit derived from FAP will be to technologically replicate the actual accuracy of fragility diagnosis carried out by highly specialized professionals and, thus, contribute to the promotion of active and healthy aging, prevention of early dependence as well as improvement of functional capabilities of the elderly population.

Actually, with the funding of DIH-Hero, we have built upon already existing reliable technology (exoskeletons for ambulation) a set of embedded commercial sensors (gauges, angle positions, motor torques, etc.), and software to store, measure & plot interaction of the user with the exoskeleton. Right now, we are in the phase of testing this technology at the Clinic of our transnational partner and collecting data that together with existing fragility patterns is helping us to design the diagnosis scale in an easy, universal, and objective way.

Technology Demonstrator FAP