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R-CUBE: Improving Rehabilitation Technology Uptake

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9 months

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Hocoma AG


Uptake of rehabilitation robotics in clinical practice is limited, due to the lack of large sets of high-quality data. These sets are crucial for the development of clinical guidelines or artificial intelligence algorithms, that support clinicians in their decision-making.

In the R-CUBE technology demonstrator project, AMC TECH company (Krakow, PL) together with HOCOMA (Zurich, CH) implements a demonstrator of a cloud-based Rehabilitation Robotics Registry (R-CUBE) that allows researchers to collect patient and treatment data in a secure form that allows for versatile analyses. R-CUBE connects to two of the most widely used rehabilitation devices. Moreover, R-CUBE is built in a modular expandable manner that allows for later integration of other devices.

At the moment (April 2021) the project has progressed well, and the development will be finished shortly. Next, evaluation of R-CUBE will be performed by researchers and clinicians at IRCCS E. Medea in Bosisio Parini (IT). With the completion of the project, R-CUBE will reach technology readiness level 7: System prototype demonstration in an operational environment.

The consortium will bring the R-CUBE solution to the market to allow clinicians and researchers to collect and use the data necessary to generate data-based clinical guidelines and develop data-driven artificial intelligence algorithms. R-CUBE will support therapists in their clinical decision-making to improve outcomes of technology-supported rehabilitation and thus increase uptake of rehabilitation robotics technology.

Technology Demonstrator R-CUBE
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