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Sentry, an integrated rehabilitation solution for everyday life

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9 months



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Università degli Studi di Genova

Experimental Anatomy research group (EXAN) – department of Physiotherapy, Human Physiology and Anatomy (KIMA) –Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Sentry is an innovative solution that improves the prevention, the rehabilitation, the training phases and, more in general, the quality of life of people with musculoskeletal issues. It consists in a not-invasive wearable device that can monitor the patient upper limb movements along the day activities: at the rehabilitation centre, at home, or at work. Within the DIH-HERO project the complete cloud platform and the user apps needed to connect the patient with his physiotherapist or medical will be developed, allowing remote therapy guidance and home training. Particular attention will be focused on design related to the users’ needs and feels, data security, and privacy.

Thanks to the DIH-HERO support, the design and implementation of the cloud infrastructure has been completed. Further developments are ongoing on the firmware and hardware of the device, to fully interact with the new infrastructure and exploit all the new possibilities. In parallel, we are carrying on tests on end-users in two different premises, to receive feedbacks and better implement the new features.

Sentry in our plans has a very short time-to-market. Several expressions of interest from the market have already been received and we are now actively looking for a commercial partner, expert in the healthcare market, to perform the last-mile optimization and start with the marketing activities and commercialization.

Technology Demonstrator Sentry