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SOLo surgery Augmented Reality roBOT

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9 months

ACCREA Engineering Sp. z o.o.


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Klinikum Großhadern, Klinik für Allgemein-, Viszeral- und Transplantationschirurgie


SOL-AR-BOT aims at creating a robotic system providing a) intelligent support for physicians performing minimum invasive surgeries (MIS) and b) a telecoaching platform for surgeons starting their training. As MIS is typically performed by a surgeon with 1-2 assistants holding the camera, instruments, etc., the need of managing the assistants (verbal communication, overlooking, control) is cumbersome for the surgeon.

For the purpose of automating some non-critical tasks in the operating field, ACCREA proposed their own robotic arms ARIA to be a part of a system helping minimal invasive surgeons by motorizing the movement of a laparoscopic camera around the trocar and providing a secured grip on surgical tools and equipment in the operating field. As of today, ACCREA has successfully modified its ARIA V1.1 arm by adding an additional drive module to achieve redundancy of the kinematics and equipped it with a specialized end-effector capable of gripping either cameras or tools. The arm is currently configured to work with ACCREA’s voice command module and with a variety of joysticks. The next steps include the integration of ACCREA’s own robot interaction module built around an in-house force/torque sensor.

In terms of future market introduction, ACCREA plans to perform a series of internal and external tests regarding the fulfillment of relevant standards, i.e. for voice control software.

Thanks to DIH-HERO’s financial support, ACCREA was able to permanently allocate one set of ARIA robotic arms to serve this project, and commit more resources to the development of an in-house force/torque sensor with all the surrounding features. Moreover, due to DIH-HERO’s simplified administrative requirements, it was possible to focus more on the technical side of the project execution.