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Disinfecting Robot

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DisiRT – DISInfecting RoboT

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Project duration:
8 weeks

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Since, as of today, there is no effective therapy or vaccine against COVID19, the only way to eliminate the virus from our environment is more effective disinfection. The premises of hospitals and basically all healthcare institutions must be disinfected after every potential exposure to the SARS-COV-2. Interviews and analyses conducted by hospitals indicate the need of disinfecting each Isolation Ward Area (IWA) three times a day, and each cycle of disinfecting should last at least 1 hour. At the moment there are approx. 900 IWAs in Poland. No hospital has enough personnel to follow strict and demanding disinfection procedures. The solution proposed by ACCREA aims at supporting medical personnel to reach all these expectations and the highest safety standards.

The DisiRT system is based on an off-the-shelf robotic platform designed by ACCREA in the course of past EU-funded R&D projects (Remedi, RAMCIP). The robot operates either remotely controlled by an operator with real-time visual feedback from a vision system implemented in the platform or autonomously in the target environment using a set of sensors. System integrates such disinfection means, as certified UV-C disinfection lamps (available in 3-4 weeks on the remotely-controlled RAMCIP platform) , automatic sprayer of a disinfection fluid, ozone gas generator and other disinfection means, implemented gradually in the course of the project.

The medical personnel will be able to control all the features of the solution via a web or desktop control interface. The interface will display such working parameters as a battery capacity, UV-C lamp running time, disinfectant fluid level, allowing the user to plan the disinfection process and changing of lamps and fluids. Moreover, the interface will allow for selective activation of each disinfection equipment.

The DisiRT system will be the first solution to provide multimodal disinfection possibilities while maintaining safety of the disinfecting procedure through advanced sensor-fusion system, allowing for an unobstructed disinfection process execution in proximity to humans, and extending operating time thanks to easily replaced batteries and the ability to operate on AC power.

Major project results and impact created by the Multimodal disinfection robot:

  • Autonomous disinfection with real-time visual feedback and safety features