Cyber Surgery, SL

Project Key Data

Full title of the project:
ALAYA Spine Robot

Lead Company:
Cyber Surgery, SL



Cyber Surgery has developed ALAYA robotic assistant guiding the surgeon in vertebral fusion, a very common and risky procedure. ALAYA differentiates from others spinal robotic assistant thanks to the mechanical tracking developed with its own technology. ALAYA has already completed the clinical trials with patients and is expected to get the CE mark next year.

Cyber Surgery, in order to start soon with its commercialization aims to promote ALAYA in the follow-ing months, and for that different promotional material will be prepared: A presentation video of Cyber Surgery, for wide target public, and an explanatory video, as well as an instruction manual of ALAYA robotic assistant, for qualified personal. Besides, flyers and other promotion-al material of the company will be prepared to promote the company in different events, exhi-bitions, and annual meetings.