Halodi Robotics AS

Project dates

Full title of the project:
Demonstrating a Novel Human Robot interaction for remote assisted home care

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Date of the award:

Project duration:
1 year

Lead company:
Halodi Robotics AS (Norway)

Project partners:
Haptology (Poland)

i-mens – Hoofdzetel (Belgium)


We propose a technology transfer experiment to enable health professionals to remote control a humanoid robot using a novel haptics interface. We will demonstrate this at the IMEC/UGent IDLab Homelab in collaboration with health professionals from the Belgian care organisation i-mens using the humanoid robot EVE from the Norwegian company Halodi Robotics in combination with the haptic ring created by Polish company Haptology. This represents a tech transfer from the robotics and game market into healthcare where we will pilot how health professionals can utilise a humanoid robot to perform care tasks. More specifically we will demonstrate that novel game technology and robotics can be utilised to bridge the gap between the robotics and care industries. The major objective is the understand the end-user requirements (health care providers) when introducing humanoid robots to perform care tasks. We will develop a demonstrator that seeks to showcase that a humanoid robot with little training can be utilised to perform three care tasks, (1) being socially present at a distance where a care provider can from a remote location utilise the humanoid robot to open a door, and enter into a room and ask the client if the person wants to be served a meal, (2) open refrigerator, take out a ready-made meal, place it into a microwave oven, operate the oven and take out the cooked meal (3) serve the meal in combination with a glass of water.