Project dates

Full title of the project:
Distance Measurement in Robot Assisted Surgery

Short name of the project:

Date of the award:

Project duration:
12 months

Lead Company:
ACMIT Gmbh (Austria)

Project Partner(s):
Preceyes B.V. (Netherlands)


Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is already widely used in ophthalmology as a technology for imaging and diagnostics. The aim of the DIMRAS project is to transfer the OCT technology from the field of diagnostics into a specific clinical sensor application in medical robotics. With the support of DIH-HERO, the transfer of OCT to the field of robot-assisted surgery is to be supported, with the main result of the DIMRAS project as an instrument-integrated distance sensor for robot-assisted tool manipulation in vitreoretinal surgery. Such a sensor-based robotic method significantly improves the speed and precision for the (semi) automated navigation of an instrument during an eye operation and also increases the reproducibility and safety for the two methods of membrane peeling and vitrectomy.