Loop Robots B.V.

Project Key Data

Full title of the project:
Disinfection Via Autonomous SLAM

Short name of the project:

Date of the award: October 2021

Project duration:
9 months

Leading party:
Loop Robots B.V.

The Netherlands

Company website: https://www.looprobots.com/


DiVA-SLAM aims to provide a “One-button click” operation of SAM-UVC, a completely autonomous disinfection robot in any area in a hospital environment, without requiring any prior setup procedure.

Germicidal UVC light is widely accepted as an effective, eco-friendly source of disinfection and in recent years robots using UVC to perform disinfection in hospitals is gathering interest. Field studies show such robots are not used widely, due to extensive initial setup procedures, lack of flexibility in deploying in different places within same hospital and the need of specially trained personnel. The results of the project will validate the ease of usability of SAM-UVC by healthcare professionals who are responsible for disinfection. The results will also validate the performance and flexibility of deployment in various situations such as patient rooms (single, shared), common areas (corridors, toilets) and operation rooms. This will also show the time-savings achieved by such technology which can disinfect 30m2 room in 10 minutes compared to 2 hours of manual disinfection using chemical wipes.