Rigi Technologies SA

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Drone-Operated Logistics for Fast Inter-hospital Navigation

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Project duration:
15 months

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Rigi Technologies SA (Switzerland)

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“The current COVID crisis has brought lab testing to the forefront and created massive logistical challenges for front-line workers as well as laboratory facilities that struggle to keep up with the need for testing. Many cases remain unreported due to a lack of access to laboratories, making control of outbreak hotspots difficult.

RigiTech and EVA are making instant inter-laboratory logistics for healthcare a reality, without any human contact required. We’re combining RigiTech’s network-integrated delivery drones with EVA’s automated drone charging stations to create a complete and fully-autonomous logistics link for lab samples, blood tests or medicine between two healthcare facilities.

In this TTE project, we will integrate our two systems and demonstrate a fully-functional delivery route for blood samples between two diagnostics laboratories, run by our End-user partner Unilabs. RigiTech’s logistics drones will fly autonomously along a predefined route, supervised remotely by air traffic controllers within EVA’s connected drone stations. The drones will be fully integrated within Switzerland’s airspace through its U-Space initiative, and will operate under permissions granted by the Civil Aviation Authority.”