20th Medical Robots Conference

9th – 10th December 2022

ZABRZE – Fundacja Rozwoju Kardiochirurgii Zabrze im. prof. Zbigniewa  Religi

Event Details

Start date: 09/11/2022
End date: 10/11/2022

The conference in Zabrze is one of the oldest cyclical conferences in the world dedicated to medical robotics, covering all scientific and medical technology aspects of this field.

A special session is planned, which will focus on the offer and results of the Digital Innovation Hubs in Healthcare Robotics project. The forum is a kind of round table discussion where topics related to education, business, research and implementation, production and the market for medical robots will be discussed together with the main stakeholders – scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, politicians, funders and institutions supporting companies.

These are some highlights:

On Friday at 10.00 there will be a demonstration of the MELODY sytem an ultrasound tele-diagnostics system.

Ph.D. Artur Banach from Harvard Medical School will give a presentation about Recent innovations in bronchoscopic navigation for lung cancer biopsy” on Friday at 2 PM.

On Saturday you can meet experts of psychology, philosophy and art and discuss with them what is important to build robots and what is missing or forgotten…

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