Heemskerk Innovative Technology

Project Key Data

Full title of the project:
Project SPARK (Strategic Promotion to Assist ROSE’s Know-how)

Lead Company:
Heemskerk Innovative Technology

The Netherlands


HIT specializes in robotics. This has led to numerous successful deployments of Robot ROSE. Despite our team’s best efforts to communicate our achievements, we lack the professional skills to make a substantial impact.

The objective of this project is to produce a high quality dissemination video that will raise awareness among healthcare facilities. Currently, we urgently require this to proceed commercialization.

Through this video, we aim to take a first step towards better showcasing our successes and attract potential leads by elevating our marketing approach to match the professionalism our robot demonstrates. The video will be created during a deployment trial related to the DIH SANDRo2 development project. We aim for a +- 2 to 3min. video, highlighting the integration of the latest technological advances and addressing the benefit of co-created use-cases with facilities, covering areas such as Logistics, Advanced Manipulation, Client guidance, and Detection of Risky Situations.