Kurage SAS

Project Key Data

Full title of the project:
Hybrid Walking System

Short name of the project:

Date of the award:
October 2021

Project duration:
9 months

Leading party:
Kurage SAS


Company website: https://kurage.fr/


Walking is an essential component of the rehabilitation of individuals, with limited abilities to stand and walk. However, most individuals with Hemiplegia disability need assistance with their posture, while standing on the paralyzed leg, as well as when swinging that leg. In almost all cases this assistance in the early phase of the walking exercise is provided by a therapist.

The focus on this project is to provide an effective augmentation for the over-ground walking through a hybrid “Walking Assistance System” that controls the posture with respect to the ground and allows healthy-like walking without the support of the body weight by hands (railing, parallel bar, crutches, etc.) We will create a “Hybrid Walking system” (HWS) that controls the movement of paralyzed legs through a substitution of lost ability to contract muscles by an artificial intelligence neuroprosthesis that controls the movement by functional electrical stimulation (FES) and a light modular self-fitting exoskeleton.