DIH-HERO opens call for robotic solutions in the case of COVID19

Overview of the call

• Application period:
10th of April 2020 until the 17th of April 2020, 23:59
• Applicants:
SME’s and Slightly larger companies
• Amount of funding:
indicative amount up to 100.000 €
• Subject area:
healthcare robotics

Within a few weeks global life changed entirely and what many of us considered as the vision of some pessimists, in these days 2020 became real: we are facing a worldwide pandemic. COVID-19 (Corona) is a viral disease that causes asymptomatic infections, predominantly mild to moderate courses, but also severe ones with bilateral pneumonia up to lung failure and death.
Everyone and every sector in private or business life is concerned, health systems are overloaded, medical staff risk infections and there is a lack of medical devices in nearly every region. It is time to react!
DIH-HERO with its extensive Robotics in Healthcare European network is fighting against COVID-19 to support healthcare professionals and save lives.
Therefore, the DIH-HERO consortium has decided to open an additional short call for funding directed at robotics-based technologies that bear the potential to contribute in the fight against COVID-19 in the short-term.

The COVID-19 call with a funding up to 100.000 € is targeted at supporting robotic technologies and solutions in the later stages of development that can be deployed in the healthcare sector to support healthcare professionals by satisfying a current clinical demand or need. In exceptional cases, for solutions with an unprecedented outcome, the funding amount can be even higher.
Each small or medium sized enterprise that is operating in the healthcare and/ or robotics sector within the EU and its associated countries (EEA) are eligible for this funding.

To get the applicant guide that provides detailed information concerning the DIH-HERO COVID-19 Open Call 2020 go to https://dih-hero.eu/calls/ .