DIH – HERO wishes you a merry Christmas and a Happy New year

As the year draws to a close, we look back on a time of challenges, opportunities and new experiences. In the last months has shown that we could rely and support each other. Even under the harsh conditions of a pandemic, we have worked effectively together to push innovation forward. We are glad that we could rely on a strong network which we are aimed to expand in future, highlighting the proven benefits and the importance of such a network as DIH-HERO.

In March, just before national lockdowns started, DIH-HERO hold a Workshop at the European Robotics Forum to show the first results of our networking project.

In April the DIH-HERO consortium decided to open an additional short call for funding directed at robotics-based technologies that bear the potential to contribute in the fight against COVID-19 in the short-term. This call with a funding up to 100,000 € was targeted at supporting robotic technologies and solutions in the later stages of development that can be deployed in the healthcare sector to support healthcare professionals by satisfying a current clinical demand or need.

All our COVID-19 applicants who directly acted prepared a proposal to support the healthcare professionals (146 proposals from 30 countries within 1 week) and we are proud on the results that came out of the COVID-19 project from companies that worked very hard in this difficult time.
These projects started at May and showed their results in September.


But it’s not all about the Pandemic in our activities. DIH-HERO is supporting SMEs for increasing innovation. In July 13 awarded consortiums of the Technology Demonstrator call were announced. The projects started in October/November with a funding of up to 100,000 € for each project which will be closed in July 2021.

We are really looking forward to these next robotic innovations in healthcare!

These are the projects funded by the Technology Demonstrator Call:

Leading CompanyProject name
ABLE Human Motion S.L.ABLE – Exoskeleton to Empower Independence and Rehabilitation After Stroke
ACCREA Engineering Sp. z o.o. Robotic Punctuation in CT
ACCREA Engineering Sp. z o.o.SOLo surgery Augmented Reality roBOT
amc TECH Sp. z o.o.
R-CUBE: Improving Rehabilitation Technology Uptake
First-in-Animal demonstrator for a new needle placement robotic system
Blue Ocean Robotics Robotic Exposure Map for Enhanced Disinfection
Gable systems b.v. Gable and Machine learning
Healthinn NeuroHand – The first tablet solution for the neurological post-stroke rehabilitation of the most functional body segment, the hand
mBrainTrain doo Beograd-VracarEEG-assisted exoskeleton rehabilitation system for walking
MED-LOGIX srlROBot-assisted Hyperthermia Optimized Treatments
MetraLabs GmbH Neue Technologien und SystemeRobotic solution for monitoring rehabilitation process
RealiZe S. Coop. Early Diagnosis of Fragility on Ancient Population
SWHARD S.R.L.Sentry, an integrated rehabilitation solution for everyday life

For our platform we have increased definition and categorization of the services that DIH-HERO is able to offer and provide by now a large scaled service catalogue where you can find cooperation partners, technology support and information.


Starting in February 2021, DIH-HERO will launch a series of webinars, and we will kick off with two introduction webinars. A first one is oriented towards Robotics for healthcare professionals (but of course open for everyone), where we will try to give a general overview of medical robots, some examples and user stories from medical professionals and the necessary starting information about robotics in healthcare.
A second webinar is oriented towards robotic companies which want to enter the healthcare (but also open for everyone). This webinar will focus more on the specifics of healthcare (robotics) with best practices and talks how to get from R&D to the clinical environment, with also special interest about certification steps needed.

DIH-HERO thanks you for the outstanding support in 2020 and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Further Events

European robotics Forum

When: March 2021 / Virtual Event
Info: https://www.eu-robotics.net/robotics_forum/press/erf-goes-virtual-for-2021.html?changelang=3

DIH-HERO Knowledge Conference

May 2021

Other Open Funding opportunities:

StandICT.eu 2023 Initiative

StandICT.eu 2023 “ICT Standardisation Observatory and Support Facility in Europe” will build on the success and momentum of the former 2018-20 StandICT.eu initiative to advance and create a truly consolidated European Standardisation Ecosystem.

Through a series of 10 Open Calls spanning across a 3-years timeline, StandICT.eu 2023 will provide 3 million Euro through a cascade grant process to support participation of over 400 European standardization specialists for their contributions in the key international and global SDOs and standards consortia.

The 1st Open Call was launched on the 2 November 2020 and it will last until next 4 January 2021. This first call gives special attention to Health topics, given the actual context.
Info: https://www.standict.eu/1st-open-call