Nueva Mater Dei

Project dates

Full title of the project:
NUrsing HOme system powered by SPAace Technology

Short name of the project:

Date of the award:

Project duration:
15 months

Lead Company:
Nueva Mater Dei (Spain)

Project Partner(s):
Euro.Soft srl (Italy)


“The NUHOSPA System is a TTE project between Nueva Mater Dei and the company Euro.Soft srl. The aim of the two entities is to use space technologies within the healthcare/robotics domain. The NUHOSPA system main goal is to make nursing home’s patients and their families lives easier through the utilization of 3 Space Assets: Satellite Communication, Satellite Navigation (GNSS) and Earth Observation. NUHOSPA is characterized by the following elements:

• LocalizationEach patient will wear a device (it could be a bracelet of a keychain) through which it will be possible to get its position in the indoor (Wi-Fi) and outdoor (GNSS) spaces of the nursing home.
• Environmental Information
The users of the system (nursing home staff, patient’s family members and external doctors) will have the possibility to get environmental information within the nursing home spaces. The Earth Observation space asset will be used, in order to have information about the quality of the air and the value of the pollution outside the nursing home building, while in the indoor spaces, sensors able to detect Humidity, Temperature, Air Quality (VOC) and CO2 values will be installed. It will be used to analyze the impact of the environment (air quality) on elders´ health, as well as the impact of air pollution in patients that are affected by the COVID19 and respiratory diseases.
• Medical Devices (IoT technology)
• Robot to support patient and healthcare professionals
The robot will support patients and healthcare professionals. The robot will be the interface with the nursing home patients, such robot has a lot of functionalities: health status questions including Covid19, patients´ facial expression detection, medicines reminder, analysis of the impact of the environment on elder´s health, etc. Communication with family members and external doctors will be made through the robot with calls and video calls.
• Edge Computing. HW/SW interface between all the “on-field” system devices and the in-cloud Service Center (Service computing).

• Service Center
Will be located on the cloud and will consist of an SW infrastructure capable of managing all the monitoring and control activities of the nursing home.
All the information obtained by the described elements (which are all within the Nursing Home) will be shared with the authorized users that will have the possibility to access the system both from a PC or their smartphone (mobile App). The communication will be carried out in two different ways: a broadband internet connection or through the third space asset that characterizes the NUHOSPA System, Satellite Communication. This technology will be an added value to the nursing homes located in rural areas, such as Nueva Mater Dei.”