General presentation:

ALPhANOV is the optical and laser technology center of the Bordeaux Route des Lasers competitiveness cluster. Through its capacity to mobilize competencies and expertise in the field of optics and lasers, it acts as a “technological amplifier” serving innovative projects for research scientists, engineers, laboratory specialists, SMEs and corporate industrial groups.

Knowledge and know-how:

– Laser processes and micro-machining: From feasibility studies to prototype fabrication. Large pool of lasers providing the capability to meet a wide range of needs for micro-fabrication on varied materials.

– Laser sources and instrumentation: Collaborative development of laser sources, high power combiners, laser processes, connectors for microstructured optical fibers.

– Optical and laser systems: Design, and fabrication of electronic and optical-mechanical systems (microscopy,imaging, laser micromachining systems).


Over 400 customers in the following fields:

– Aeronautics
– Electronics
– Photovoltaics
– Pharmaceutics
– Medical
– Watch-making
– Microfluidics


– The largest range of lasers for micromachining (from IR to UV, from nanosecond to femtosecond)
– Machines and 3D laser machining workstations, trepanning head, cutting heads, 6-axis robot, dynamic focusing module
– Characterization systems: microscopes for measurement and analysis, scanning electron microscope, 3D surface measurement systems, beam characterization module
– Universal optical fiber polishing machine, fiber splicing machines, fiber cleavers
– Laser diodes reliability testing systems