BruBotics is the Brussels Human Robotics Research Center of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 8 research groups strive together to improve the quality of life and working conditions of people through Human Robotics. BruBotics uniquely combines expertise on robotics, AI, rehabilitation sciences, movement sciences, social sciences, retail marketing, ageing and eHealth and is as such one of the only truly interdiscip​linary robotics research centers in Europe.

We work on topics ranging from rehabilitation robots & exoskeletons, bionic prostheses, social robots, augmented & virtual reality for different applications, collaborative robots, multi-robot teams, actuation and many other themes.

BruBotics has at its disposal amongst others a state of the art gait& motion capture lab, developed to research the impacts of robotic rehabilitation in particular, and a Human Augmentation lab, to measure the impact of human augmentation technologies in more industrial settings.

BruBotics is part of imec ( and Flanders Make.