Our engineers and designers invent and develop high-tech, mechatronic, mechanical or electronic products and machinery. Our goal is to make your hardware device a success in the market.

Welcome to Comate.
Giving ideas the best chance to succeed.

Comate stimulates innovation worldwide with the development of revolutionary products. Our team of engineers and designers translate the ideas of our clients from different sectors to a success in the market. We focus on technical expertise, in combination with usability and a design that reflects the quality of the product.

Our projects are tailored to the needs of our customers as a result of our flexible and open-minded team of experienced engineers. We can either develop an entire project or provide support to parts of the projects if deemed necessary, we can develop the project onsite (outsourcing/consulting) or offsite as it suits the customer…
Throughout the years we have developed and brought to perfection skills in a variety of fields ranging from medical equipment, automation, automotive industry, consumer products, investment goods, and so forth.