Fondazione Don Gnocchi (FDG) is the largest private not for profit Organization in the field of rehabilitation in Italy.
With more than 60 years of experience and twenty-eight centres in Italy, FDG has a leadership role in rehabilitation, assistance and clinical research activities at national and European level.
The target clinical population, with an overall number of 3 million patients accessing the centres each year, is mainly made of people with any kind of disability, especially on the neurological and neuromotor side, from childhood to elderly. FDG also provides services for Integrated Home Care and Assistance to those people unable to benefit from the standard outpatient services offered by the Institute.
FDG employs more than 5000 persons including researchers, medical, paramedical, technical and administrative personnel. Two Centres of FDG (in Milan and Florence) are acknowledged as IRCCS (Clinical Research Institutes) by the Italian Ministry of Health.

The general strategy is to deliver high-quality treatments of complex cases in the excellence centres and operate in a context of continuum of care and assistance after patient discharge, to enable and optimize autonomous life.
For this purpose, Fondazione Don Gnocchi has an intense activity of clinical research and technology innovation – with a growing presence of innovative solutions such as rehabilitation robots and tele-rehabilitation systems – also in cooperation with other clinical and research centres and industrial partners, at international level.