As the central innovation unit in the Region of Southern Denmark, the Health Innovation Centre’s purpose is to support the regional hospitals and psychiatric care units in their local innovation efforts, across the whole innovation process from idea to implementation and evaluation. Our mission is to co-create solutions for the future healthcare sector. When it comes to healthcare robotics and automation, we support the regional hospitals in pre-analyses, development, test and evaluation, procurement and implementation of robotics and automation solutions.

The Centre has a significant role in supporting public-private innovation partnerships in the region, including establishing links and building bridges between needs in the clinical operations and companies who develop new robotics solutions for healthcare. The Health Innovation Centre offers unique insights into the challenges and needs within the healthcare sector and supports collaborative innovation processes. The result is valuable solutions that improve healthcare services, to the benefit of citizens, employees and the healthcare sector.

The Health Innovation Centre has a central role in the region when it comes to healthcare robotics and automation. Among other things, the Centre co-coordinates the national ‘Network for mobile robots in the healthcare sector’, in which stakeholders across sectors meet 3-4 times a year to discuss different topics. The Centre also co-hosted the national Hospital Automation Summit conference in April 2022, which was a great success and is expected to continue as an annual conference.