Barcelona Children’s Hospital Sant Joan de Déu is a private not-profit hospital, integrated into the network of public utility hospitals of Catalonia, that provides top-level technological health care services for children and pregnant mothers.
HSJD offers comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to health care from birth through 18 years of age. With 150 years of history, HSJD is currently a modern maternal and children’s hospital, provided with the latest technology and referral centre for health care, combining basic general paediatric with specialized care for all tertiary level paediatric pathologies, covering a paediatric population of 350,000 children. HSJD combines the more advanced clinical, scientific and technological advances with a humanized assistance to patients and families. HSJD is ranked as the largest and the most renowned children’s hospital in Spain and one of the most recognized of its category across Europe, being ranked as the third European medical Centre of its kind by volume of activity. As the paediatric centre of the University of Barcelona, HSJD is associated with the Hospital Clìnic being the best-known hospital alliance in Spain and one of the international references for highly specialized hospital care, teaching and research. HSJD holds National Accreditations by the Spanish Ministry of Health as a Service Reference (CSUR) for all Spain in a wide range of specialties and conditions. HSJD is member of 21 European Reference networks (ERNs). It counts with 2.300 professionals and 313 beds. In 2020, HSJD registered 250.000 outpatient visits; 16.865 discharges; 90.200 emergencies; 3.900 births and 13.881 surgeries. HSJD has participated in more than 20 EC-funded project, of which 3 are ongoing coordinated projects and has established more than 300 collaborations in the scope of European Projects. HSJD is part of EIT Health.