Imperial College London is a public research university in London. The college focuses exclusively on science, technology, medicine and business. Through our Robotics Forum, we bring together over 44 academics working in robotics, with one of our three main research pillars focused on healthcare robotics. We do world class research in surgical robots, rehabilitation devices, and social and assistive robotics, and are renowned for translation and industrial partnerships.

Some of the labs working on these areas are: Mechatronics in Medicine, Biomechatronics, Brain and Behaviour, Human Robotics, Personal Robotics, HARMS, Simulation and Modelling in Medicine, and the Hamlyn Centre. Imperial has always had a strong focus on translation, and healthcare is no exception. Clinical testing is often undertaken with our Healthcare NHS Trust partner, one of the largest in England, and with this trust we form an Academic Health Science Centre (AHSN).