The Manufacturing sector is a fundamental pillar for the technological progress and economic and social prosperity of modern countries. Italy plays a primary role in Europe and, in order to keep and develop its industrial production, can rely upon unique resources which it is difficult to repeat.
According to the strategic guidelines established by CNR DIITET Department and thanks to its research activities and European dimension, STIIMA-CNR, the Institute of Intelligent Industrial Technologies and Systems for Advanced Manufacturing of the National Research Council of Italy, supports the manufacturing sector competitiveness through innovation of factories and their relative production, thus enhancing man’s knowledge and innovation skills.
STIIMA-CNR’s research and innovation activity dealing with enabling technologies is organized in a few fields of competence which are led by Research Groups.These Groups devote themselves to complementary and synergetic research topics, whose integration allows to conceive innovative and sustainable factories, by considering all the different aspects involved: from business model to logistics, systems, machines, components and devices. The enabling technologies and tools developed by the Research Groups are used to carry out pilot factories, which offer platforms supporting industrial research and the transfer of results to the companies.