Nueva Mater Dei is a licensed nursing home located in Spain. The Nursing Home allows residents to enjoy the atmosphere of their wonderful care environment, with the tranquillity of feeling totally secure and cared for.

Nueva Mater Dei provides seniors with exceptional and high-quality nursing care. In a warm, inviting atmosphere they offer both short term rehabilitation and long term care. The company offers 24/7 specialized healthcare and residential services to elderly patients. With its personalized approach, Nueva Mater Dei increases the quality of life of its residents significantly. From rehabilitation services to memory care, their residents reap the benefits of having a compassionate and resourceful staff that caters to their every need. They stand on the pillar of superior senior care in a nurturing environment, which combined with their facility’s advanced services and amenities, offer their residents and their families peace of mind.

There are four departments at Nueva Mater Dei:
a. Health department: In our nursing home, new care environments directed towards small-scale and homelike environments are developing. Quality of care is examined through structure, process and outcome indicators. The primary outcome measure is the daily life of residents, assessed by ecological momentary assessments. Aspects of daily life include (1) activity (activity performed by the resident, the engagement in this activity and the degree of physical effort); (2) physical environment (the location of the resident and the interaction with the physical environment); (3) social environment (the level and type of social interaction, and with whom this social interaction took place) and (4) psychological well-being (mood and agitation). In addition, social engagement, quality of life, behavioural symptoms and agitation are evaluated through questionnaires. Furthermore, demographics, cognitive impairment, functional dependence and the severity of dementia are assessed.
b. Innovation Department: Nueva Mater Dei addresses a number of issues, including management of chronic conditions, social inclusion, access to online services and management of daily activities, study and analyze the emergence of innovative ICT-based products, services and systems for ageing well which can help older people stay more socially active to provide support to those with dementia. Nueva mater Dei supports companies and research projects with its expertise in user experience design, usability engineering, user testing and user integration. Based on its user-centered design approach, Nueva Mater Dei helps to develop innovative products, better and smarter services, especially for the elderly and disabled people. Nueva Mater Dei aims to stimulate the development of robotic applications underpinned by innovative technologies into a wide variety of sectors such as social care and soft robotics. Also, due to the current pandemic outbreak, robotic technology may provide additional creative solutions to tackle this unprecedented situation at Nueva Mater Dei. We are active in the wider world of active and healthy ageing, and have many partnerships across the sector that support older people.
c. Quality Management Department: The Quality Management Department has been designed and implemented to support our Nursing Home in ensuring that we meet or exceed the needs of our customers.
d. Legal department and Financial department: Managing all the Legal and financial issues.