QuotientCSR platform is an initiative of Quotient-3 Petroleum launched in 2015 by a group of physicians and entrepreneurs aimed at providing a breeding ground for healthcare technology innovations. The platform has partnered with the leading institutions to organize CME program in collaboration with the Nigerian Medical Association and leading multidisciplinary hospital and centre of excellence in India.
QuotientCSR has metamorphosized into a hub for healthcare technology innovation driven by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. The platform is providing support and coordination for Research and Development, commercialization of new medical devices by creating new distribution channels. We continue to grow and build on the relationships we have forged with health institutions, professionals and medical device distributors and around the world.
Our work is derived from our vision and mission which is that healthcare delivery should be preventive and should be accomplished through mutual trust and a willingness on both sides to learn from each other. This is the philosophy that QuotientCSR is built on and one that we will continue to promote as we move forward.
The healthcare industry is evolving quickly with massive volumes of data and increasing challenges in cost and patient results. Early embracers of AI in the healthcare industry are reaping the benefits in terms of patient care and adding to their bottom line results,
and everyone is paying attention.
These businesses and institutions are using AI for a number of situations including managing claims, detecting fraud, improving clinical workflows, and predicting hospital acquired infections. QuotientCSR is currently working with Atheropoint to expand its best in class cardiovascular risk assessment service powered by AI, and empowering leading healthcare institutions, laboratories and clinics globally, to deliver AI solutions that are changing the industry.
Our Vision
To become the leading global platform for healthcare technologies driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning through R&D. While providing support services for sustaining incremental innovative solutions across all components of the healthcare ecosystems across the globe.
Our Mission
We aim to become the leading platform for facilitating healthcare innovation by developing workable models that support the advancement of innovative medical devices. Develop cost-effective ways of managing the most challenging medical conditions facing the communities across the globe.