Robeauté is a MedTech start-up based in Paris, France, developing a microrobot for the brain, smaller than a grain of rice. More than one billion people worldwide are affected by neurological pathologies and physicians require local solutions to better understand and treat such diseases. Though great effort is being put into developing innovative, local solutions, most therapies lack a way of being efficiently delivered to target locations within the brain parenchyma. The Blood Brain Barrier limits the entry of therapeutics and current neurosurgical tools are not suited to follow optimal curved routes, access target points at the proper chosen angle or reach multiple locations. Robeauté’s microrobot, with its modular and connected structure, is designed to navigate the brain’s extra-cellular-matrix, non-linearly along 3D routes, to deliver and carry different cargo such as sensors, therapeutics and tools – locally and potentially multisite, while collecting anatomically-precise, patient-specific data in real-time.