RRD is the biggest centre in the Netherlands where a wide range of disciplines such as rehabilitation medicine, movement sciences, psychology, physiotherapy, biomedical sciences and computer sciences work together under a single roof on current and future innovations in rehabilitation and chronic care. As an internationally recognised scientific research institute, RRD occupies a unique position between the university and healthcare practice.
Individual solution
Over the past few decades, we have acquired a large amount of knowledge on the consequences of conditions such as amputations, the initial stages of dementia, paraplegia, strokes, chronic pain, heart failure and muscular diseases or the functioning independence of people. For these target groups, personalised solutions are vital for the optimal participation in society of the individuals concerned.
With our combined knowledge of healthcare practice, human movement and applied technology, we can guide the development of telemedicine services and rehabilitation technology in such a way that they are effective and pleasant to use as well as satisfying the requirements and wishes of both the healthcare professional and the patient.
We are always open to the possibilities of new projects and collaborations. Please feel free to visit us or to explore our website to gain an idea of the possibilities.