The Universitätsklinikum Aachen is a German university hospital with more than 7,500 employees. Its building is amongst the largest hospital buildings within the European Union. What makes it special is that it concentrates patient care, research and teaching in one building. These are ideal conditions for research and development in the health sector. The hospital offers access to the whole medical and non-medical infrastructure.

The Faculty of Medicine of the Universitätsklinikum Aachen is part of the RWTH Aachen University, one of Europe’s leading technical universities. Therefore, there is a close cooperation between the Universitätsklinikum Aachen and the other (mainly technical) faculties of the university. RWTH Aachen University has again been named one of Germany’s “Universities of Excellence”.

One of the four main areas of research at the Universitätsklinikum Aachen is Medical Technology & Digital Life Sciences. With the Center for Robotics in Healthcare, the Universitätsklinikum Aachen acts as a driving force for innovation.