Center of Robotics in Healtcare, Aachen

The Center for Robotics in Healthcare was founded at the Uniklinik RWTH Aachen in 2016. Due to its affiliation to the hospital and the experience of its interdisciplinary members, the center has good understanding of the difficulties and requirements of implementing new technologies to the health care market. The integration of the end-user prevents a ‘development outside’ the needs of the market. The hub offers a wide range of test possibilities, both in the special simulation center, the Center for Teaching and Training, and in the hospital itself.

This is us

The Uniklinik RWTH is an expert in the field of medical therapy, infrastructure and daily clinical businesses. Therefore, it enables access to real end-user needs and knowledge in the health care domain. Whether you need someone to moderate discussions with medical staff, to provide access to the clinical environment or to help with clinical trials and tests, our team at the Uniklinik RWTH Aachen is the place for you!

Our main area of research

As end user we do not focus on one specific technologic research area. Instead, we work with numerous partners in various medical and logistical fields. Examples include contactless monitoring of vital parameters, telemedicine, e.g. in emergency medicine, sterilization of instruments, robotic support during rehabilitation and robotic support for surgeons. The joint actions of these projects are testing and implementation in standard care. This has been demonstrated for example by the implementation of the standardized use of telemedicine in the preclinical emergency medicine in Aachen. Thereby, Aachen has now a pioneering role in this field.

„Thanks to our clinical and out-of-hospital testing facilities, the Center for Robotics in Healthcare provides assistance in product development in the field of medical robotics. The cooperation with international partners from the DIH-HERO helps to further expand this offer.

– Prof. Dr. Rolf Rossaint

Prof. Dr. Rolf Rossaint
Speaker of the Center for Robotics in Healthcare and Head of the Department of Anesthesiology of the Uniklinik RWTH Aachen

Our hospital – one of the largest hospital buildings in Europe – serves as living lab and test facility.

A large simulation landscape in the immediate vicinity expands the testing opportunities for medical robots.

The close cooperation with partners researching logistics for industry, enables the transfer of new technologies into the hospital area, as for example driverless service robots in logistics.

The new campus around the Uniklinik RWTH Aachen brings all stakeholders together and creates a productive atmosphere with many different research areas in the medical field, such as rehabilitation.

Our main services

Testing opportunities and support

Assistance to better understand the needs of end-users

Technical advice and support

We offer you access to a wide range of test opportunities, both in realistic simulation areas, and in the real clinical environment. We can also offer advice on test development and clinical testing. So if you are looking for suitable test environments to validate new technologies in the medical field at all stages of development, then our hub in Aachen is the right address for you!

We help with the execution and establishment of your tests.

Are you lacking relevant information about the actual need of consumers in the field of medical robotics and the resulting demand for your product? Or do you have an innovative technology without the right medical application area? Or do you need experts in a certain medical field to assess the usability of your device?

In these cases, we would like to invite you to a dialogue with our medical experts!

Do you need support with a specific technical question? Due to the proximity to numerous institutes of the Technical University RWTH Aachen and to external companies on the campus, our hub can offer a broad technical expertise.

For technical questions, we are happy to help you identify a suitable partner in our hub.

Did you know?
The ecosystem of the Aachen hub is strongly characterized by the close proximity and the close relationship with the RWTH Aachen University, one of Europe’s leading technical universities.


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