Project Key Data

Full title of the project:
Robotic Elements ValueOps

Short name of the project:

Date of the award:
August 2022

Project duration:
7 months

Lead Company:

Project Partner(s):

ORTO-MD (Serbia)


The REVO project aims to clinically validate, demonstrate, and commercialize an innovative, data-driven, FHIR-compliant, healthcare robotics system for adaptive smart rehabilitation after the stem cell-therapy administration in quadriplegic, triplegic, and paraplegic patients with a spinal cord injury (SCI). All SCI patients enrolled in the stem cell-therapy program are monitored in real-time via wearables collecting their brain, heart, and muscle activity, diary, and physical activities, for the personalized models of the before and after the cell-therapy administration and modeling of the future therapies. The collected data are processed in the privacy-by-design, secure, and operational cloud-based Paradise platform. The utilization of mobile and physiotherapy devices, biomedical sensors, and cloud platform with DSM are novel services in the context of rehabilitation robotics-based services for stem-cell treated SCI patients. This helps bridge a significant gap for treatment phases to objectively determine the onsets of the treatment advances and thus optimally accelerate the recovery or maintain the quality of the rehabilitation program when the patient is not under the direct supervision of medical personnel as during the home recovery. The Parks Dr. Dragi Hospital, Novi Sad, Serbia will be involved in this project as an end-user to co-create an intuitive user experience, and clinically trial the overall REVO solution.