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Robot for Intradermal Drug Delivery

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8 weeks



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The quest for vaccines and treatment strategies is high and pharma companies are working hard to come up with solutions to safe our nations and ensure the COVID-19 virus stops spreading.

Current clinical demand clearly indicates the need for safe and sufficient vaccine coverage in a time where this pandemic is changing our society significantly and unseen measures have been imposed on society globally, including social distancing and lockdowns.

Robotics and delivery solutions will be combined in a clever way to introduce a novel and inventive robot demonstrator allowing for safe intradermal vaccination. The impact on clinical practice and healthcare will be high as healthcare workers will be not be exposed to risk and vaccination coverage can be significantly increased. Indeed, intradermal vaccination allow for dose-sparing as only 10% of the dose is needed to achieve an equivalent immune response compared to intramuscular and subcutaneous vaccination. This will potentially allow for the world population to get vaccinated based on the current vaccine manufacturing capacity. Additionally, the robot will ensure targeting the dermal layer and important vaccine doses will not be lost due to possible incorrect injections.

Ultimately, the robot can serve the general public without the need for healthcare workers in close proximity to the vaccinee.

Major project results and project impact created by the robot for standardized intradermal vaccine injection:

  • Increased vaccination coverage;
  • Solved vaccine shortages (10% of the dose is needed)