Heemskerk Innovative Technology B.V. (HIT)

Project Key Data

Full title of the project:
Robot ROSE COVID-19 Response

Short name of the project:

Date of the award:
May 2022

Project duration:
9 months

Lead Company:
Heemskerk Innovative Technology B.V. (HIT) (Netherlands)

Project Partner(s):

Badalona Serveis Assistencials (BSA) / Socio Health Centre El Carme (Spain) St. Marien-Hospital GmbH (Germany) De Zorggroep (Netherlands) Centre d’Expertise Nationale en Stimulation Cognitive (CEN STIMCO) (France)


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impose high pressure and demands on hospitals and healthcare centers, which threaten the physical and mental well-being of both care professionals and patients. There is a continuous search of innovative and efficient solutions that aim to reduce the workload of the care staff, lower the risk of infections and maintain the quality of life of the patients.

In response to this need, Heemskerk Innovative Technology (HIT) has developed robot ROSE-C19R, a multi-purpose, semi-autonomous, service robot which aims to support care professionals and provide clients with improved autonomy and sustainable high-quality services.

ROSE patrols the hospital wards detecting unusual activity, checks the well-being of patients, responds to requests and transports objects & medical equipment. ROSE communicates with people, activates and entertains them as well as physically supports them by taking on tasks that they are not able to perform themselves. The modular and extendable architecture enables ROSE’s functionalities to easily be adapted to the user’s needs.

Within the COVID-19 Response (C19R) project we are aiming to deploy ROSE in 4 hospitals: BSA/ El Carme (SP), St Marien (GER), De Zorggroep – De Linde (NL) and Broca (FRA), introducing thus the product version A series of ROSE. ROSE will be sequentially deployed for a period of 9 months in total, in these hospitals where it will perform a variety of tasks addressing the user’s needs in the current and post COVID-19 era. The deployment will help us to establish market readiness for our ROSE system and attract investments towards full commercialization.