Heemskerk Innovative Technology

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Semi Autonomous Night and Day Robot

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Project duration:
15 months

Lead Company:
Heemskerk Innovative Technology (Netherlands)

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SANDRo is an innovative robot, offered through a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model, that provides assistive services to people with difficulties in Activities of Daily Living (ADL). Basic tasks are performed autonomously while remote control guarantees the safe and successful execution of more complex ADL tasks. SANDRo alleviates the workload of caregivers while clients benefit from improved autonomy and reduced response times. When assistance is required, the operator controls the robot via a remote command centre (Cockpit) using haptic control. The remote cockpit technology brought in the SANDRo project is based on 14 years of heritage work of HIT, in nuclear remote handling (RH) maintenance in international big science projects. SANDRo transfers the knowledge and experience with haptic teleoperation from the RH maintenance domain into the healthcare domain, improving the quality and effectiveness of the tasks as performed by the remote robot. This technology is realized on a novel, dexterous and cost-efficient system, based on PAL’s TIAGo platform. Within this TTE, SANDRo will be tested in large scale real-life trials across multiple European care institutions aiming to gain the necessary traction for hitting the market. In addition, the consortium will bring together an existing strong network of partners from the care, remote services and Remote Handling industries.